A.G. Sports Services, LLC


A.G. Sports Services has quality latex and rubber track products. The rubber and latex running surface shall be applied over a proper substrate, paved to tolerance as specified by the Architect or Engineer and allowed to cure approximately 14 to 20 days to ensure oil free surface.

The rubber and latex surface courses shall consist of multiple applications of stranded rubber aggregate bound by successive applications of latex compounds forming an interlocking surface to achieve the approved depth. The latex binder material shall be a pigmented latex mixture of carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer. After the approved depth has been installed, the final coat of latex binder will be a mixture which includes a UV protection.

We are also working in conjunction with Fusion Sports Group to aide schools with all their athletic turf and equipment needs. If you have other athletic needs please visit www.fsgsports.com for further information.